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On semantical unambiguity

Unlike words in most other languages, each MediaGlyph has a single meaning. Sometimes this meaning could be considered broad, since in some languages it can be translated by many words. But the concept, although broad, is one and defined.

Its unique definition comes from the image - of course - that we try to make as unambiguous and immediate as possible, but also from the curated translations:

Morphological and Semantic codes also help in pinning down the exact meaning of a Glyph.

Semantic codes indicate relations of opposition (for example marking that Big is the opposite of Small), synonym, abbreviation, membership (e.g. child is a member of the concept of person, "red" belongs to "colour").... and further clarify the M-G meanings.

By combining Glyphs in composites, new meanings (usually very specific and narrow) can be created, to achieve the possibility of expressing everything while keeping the number of Glyphs low.
What is MG?

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