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Note on browsers

This page provides information for having the best and less troublesome vision of MG pages.
We hope these tips can solve any problem you may encounter with the vision of our website.

General tips:
  1. Define (if they aren't already) your preferred/known languages in your browser (test your settings now), as this will allow:
    • the automatic selection of web pages in your first language, if they exist
    • the colour-enhancement of your known languages in the explanation pages, making it easier to find what you want in entries like this
    • tooltips for glyphs in your preferred (first) language (JavaScript should be enabled in your browser for tooltips to work)
    • the Input of MG sentences using your own language(s)
    • the possibility to add new translations - in any of your selected languages - to the concepts in our databases
    How to define your languages under..
    • Firefox: Tools menu, Options item, Content tab, Languages Choose... button
    • Internet Explorer: Tools menu, Internet options item, General tab, Languages button, Add... button
    • Netscape: Edit menu, Preferences... item, Navigator submenu, Languages item, Add... button
    • Opera: File menu, Preferences item, Languages tab, Add... button
    Note that you can also add user defined codes, hence directly specifying MG language codes for your specific languages (which might not be covered by the ISO convention and hence not in the browser's list; for example, if Cantonese Chinese is not included, simply add 'yue' as user specified language).
    You can find MG language codes in our language names page or clicking on the names of languages in the explanation pages. For example, the code for English is 'eng'.
  2. If your browser doesn't automatically do so, change the encoding scheme to Unicode (UTF8).
  3. You probably need some comprehensive unicode fonts to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world writing systems. Some example ones are:
    • Code 2000 (download) by James Kass, 3.5 Mb
    • Bitstream Cyberbit, 12.7 MB (download)
    • Lucida Sans Unicode, 316 KB (download) [note: lacks CJK ideograms]
    Otherwise, we suggest you to try the very comprehensive site Alan Wood's Unicode Resources for more about Unicode fonts and browsers. Or check the very good Unicode support page by James Kass. Another great website with links to unicode fonts is Gallery of Unicode Fonts.

Table of tested browsers with problems, if any, and solutions:
Operative system Browser Problems Solutions
Linux & Windows 98 SEOpera 5 & 6.0Missing support for different encoding schemesUse Opera 6.02 or successive version
Linux, Windows 98 & Windows XPOpera 7.02-
Linux & Windows 98 SENetscape 4.77
Linux LynxText browserDefine an external image viewer to see the glyphs. Also, using xterm in unicode mode (xterm -u8 -fn '-misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso10646-1') and changing to UTF8 encoding in lynx' options will allow the display of all translations in explanation pages
Windows 98 SEInternet Explorer 5-
Windows XP, Vista, 7Internet Explorer 6,7,8
Windows CE (pocket pc 2002, 2003)Pocket Internet ExplorerNo support for animated gifs, they appear static. No tooltips.
Windows Mobile 6.1 (pocket pc)IE Mobile 7.11Animated gifs work but AJAX MGwrite doesn't.Better use Opera Mobile
Windows Mobile 6.1 (pocket pc)Opera mobile 9,10bCannot drag and drop to reorder words in MGwriteLimitation in the handheld OS not in the browser
LinuxKonqueror 2.2.2Unicode not properly supportedUpgrade to Konqueror 3
LinuxKonqueror 3
Windows 98 SENetscape 6.2UTF-8 selected but it gets changed Disable auto-detection (from View menu, Character Coding, Auto-Detect, Off) or upgrade to Netscape 7.02.
Windows XPNetscape 7.02
Mac OS X 10.3.8Safari 1.2.4-, Camino
Linux & Windows 98 SEFirefox 1.0
Windows XP, Vista, 7Firefox 2.0-,3.0-
Windows 98 SEMozilla 1.6

If you have more problems and solutions for these or for other browsers you use, please send them

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