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What are the MediaGlyphs?

The common writing system for the world
[language A : universal language : language B]

The MediaGlyphs project is creating an intermediary written language, which everyone can understand and use - regardless of native language. It is based on Chinese grammar (logical and not complex) but instead of Chinese characters it employs easily recognizable images to convey the meaning.

An example sentence:


This sentence translates as: "I think you hear me speak". The images (called "glyphs") are clickable and take you to their definition page in case their meaning is not immediately understandable. Furthermore, if you hover your pointer over the images, translation tooltips will appear.

Another example:

[MGMG] MG MG MG phname MG MG

This sentence means: "her daughter is in Spain for five years". Names in MediaGlyphs are written in phonetic transcription of the original language and/or in the original script.

We are currently in the process of creating more glyphs, and are looking for people who are interested in graphical design and would be willing to help in this task.

We are also creating a multilingual dictionary, where all the entries of all the languages are linked together by the corresponding MediaGlyph (each glyph represents a meaning, without ambiguities). We are looking for collaborators to add new words or start new languages.

Would you like to become a developer? We need programmers, linguists, writers and graphic artists.

Servers - Mirror sites:

Address Notes Location
MediaGylphs.org - MediaGlyphs.sourceforge.net Main site (SourceForge.net Logo) USA - east coast
it1.MediaGlyphs.org Mirror 1 Italy

What is MG?
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